December 30, 2019

JEWS ARE NO LONGER UNDER THE PROTECTION OF THE MEDIA APPARAT, SO WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE: As the leading targets of hate crimes, Jews are routinely being attacked in the streets of New York City. So why is no one acting like it’s a big deal? And that goes double for orthodox Jews, who often vote Republican.

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Over the past few weeks, Orthodox Jews in the New York area have been targeted in a series of violent attacks. Yet the reaction has been muffled, including from people—especially but not exclusively Jews—who one would expect to be up in arms. The reaction is about what you’d expect for unpleasant graffiti-writing or anti-Semitic name-calling. It is certainly not what I would have expected in response to a wave of hate crimes, including attacks with guns and machetes, that have left people dead and in critical condition.

Why the comparatively mild response? For many American Jews, the answer is that these aren’t “our” kind of Jews—and the attackers aren’t motivated by the kind of anti-Semitism we most want to talk about.

Most of the piece is dreck — this is Ben Wittes, so he has to blame phantom anti-semitism from Trump and Giuliani somehow — but he’s right about this.

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