December 29, 2019

ROGER SIMON: Diversity Obsession Partly to Blame For Rise in Anti-Semitism.

The horrible attack on a Jewish shul in Monsey, New York on the seventh night of Hanukkah is not directly connected to the atmosphere on American campuses and, sadly, in certain quarters of the U.S. Congress. But they are of a piece spiritually and psychologically.

Something is drastically wrong. The canary in the coal mine (Jews first, others later) is back. It’s permissible to slur Jews and to beat or stab them (five different violent incidents during this Hanukkah alone in the New York City area). Jewish students on college campuses are hiding their religious affiliation as they cross the green to class.

Why now? What has caused all this?

It’s not the sole reason, but I am going to say something outrageous to some. It is the worship of diversity. Note that word—worship.

Diversity is by itself a good thing. We are a diverse society. As many have said, that’s part of our strength.

What has developed in recent decades, however, is the elevation of diversity above all. The slogan “E pluribus unum” (out of many one) has virtually disappeared from our country, the “unum” pushed to irrelevance.

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