December 13, 2019

KITTEN’S GOT CLAWS: TaxProf Paul Caron reports that the ABA has found Louisville Law School out of compliance with its accreditation standards. The ABA has been a lot busier enforcing its standards in the last few years, but this latest move is especially notable. First, Louisville is not one of the usual suspects. Founded in 1846, Louisville is the oldest law school in Kentucky and one of the oldest in the country. It’s named after the great Justice Louis Brandeis and is a top-100 law school. Worse yet, Louisville has been dinged under ABA Standard 202, because “its current financial condition” may have “a negative and material effect” on the school’s ability to operate. YIKES! If the flood waters have reached Louisville, there’s likely an awful lot of law schools in financial trouble. On a related topic, Fixing Law Schools explains how this has happened and what law schools should do about it. Hint: the answer ISN’T higher tuition or more debt.

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