December 11, 2019

THE JOURNALISTIC LEFT IS COMPOSED OF IGNORANT, HYSTERICAL CHILDREN: The ridiculous storm over Trump’s latest move against anti-Semitism.

Heck, even one of my fellow lawprofs (not one from Tennessee I hasten to add) was calling Trump Hitler over this until I shot him down. But to its credit, Vox has a decent piece — yes, that’s right, the NYT coverage is so bad it’s being debunked by Vox –which contains this jewel-like line given the Hitler comparisons: “The draft executive order largely restates the Obama administration’s position.” The main thing Trump is doing is turning it from nonbinding “guidance” into an Executive Order.

UPDATE: Twitter blue-checks did not cover themselves in glory in the first 24 hours after the Times tweet. This is a good explainer by Ted Frank. It’s also proof that if you start from the axiom that Trump is Hitler, every fact becomes evidence that Trump is Hitler. Of course, only an idiot would start with that axiom, but idiots abound. “The refusal to apply Occam’s razor was astonishing. What was more likely: That someone without legal training was misunderstanding an executive order they hadn’t seen, or that a bipartisan coalition of Jewish policymakers persuaded Jared Kushner to convince Trump to issue the preliminary groundwork for a 21st century version of the Nuremberg Laws in America? You can guess which tack got the most retweets and likes. With real anti-Semitism on the march and on a day when gunmen targeted a Jersey City Kosher Supermarket, murdering four people (three of whom were Jewish), a chorus instead rose up against Jewish allies engaging in a largely symbolic legal exercise.”

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