December 9, 2019


When conservatives say they want a less intrusive government, they mean it. Until they don’t. Conservative podcaster and commentator Matt Walsh published a piece for The Daily Wire arguing for more restrictions on, and even the banning of pornography.

In the article, Walsh discusses a letter that a group of Republican lawmakers sent to Attorney General William Barr urging him to enforce obscenity laws to combat hardcore pornography. Not only does Walsh support them, he also states that the government should go so far as to outlaw pornography altogether.

He’s wrong. I’ll show you why.

The Babylon Bee, America’s Paper of Record, may have stumbled into the scariest solution of all to the issue: Porn Addiction Ended By New Law That Requires Matt Walsh’s Disapproving Face To Appear On All Adult Sites.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Meh. I addressed this over 15 years ago: Porn And Violence: Good For America’s Children?

Last week, I responded to James Glassman’s observation that American teenagers are doing better than they’ve done in decades by trying to figure out why that might be. Teen pregnancy is down, along with teen crime, drug use, and many other social ills. There’s also evidence that teenagers are more serious about life in general, and are more determined to make something worthwhile of their lives. Where just a few years ago the “teenager problem” looked insoluble, it seems well on the road to solving itself. But why?

After that column came out, it occurred to me that I had the answer: Porn and videogames. That’s what’s making American teens healthier.

It should have been obvious.

The evidence is incontrovertible.

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