December 10, 2019

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, DIVERSITY-AND-INCLUSION EDITION: Yale Prof Estimates Faculty Political Diversity at ‘0%’; Pressure to join the “herd groupthink” in New Haven.

According to computer science professor David Gelernter ‘76, faculty political diversity at Yale is low: “0%,” he wrote in an email. He added that while there are a “few conservatives, including prominent ones,” their numbers are not high enough to have a significant impact on campus culture.

Readers might assume that Mr. Gelernter, an occasional contributor to the Journal, is poking fun at the school’s overwhelming leftism rather than expressing mathematical precision. But via email, another Yale faculty member who chooses to remain anonymous tells this column, “I agree with the calculation.”

A third Yale faculty member, a self-described liberal, says the faculty is “moving further to the left” and has become increasingly intolerant of conservative viewpoints. This faculty member, who also requests anonymity, says that some faculty bias is subconscious: “They think people who agree with them are smarter than people who disagree with them.” This professor adds: “Universities are moving away from the search for truth” in favor of a search for “social justice.”

This is similar to the critique offered by former Yale Law School dean Anthony Kronman, another liberal who’s been mugged by “progressive” reality. In July this column noted his analysis of how ideology is “killing” important conversations on campus.

Yale today is a disgrace, and Peter Salovey — probably Yale’s worst president ever — has played a major role in allowing and encouraging it to reach such a state.

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