December 8, 2019

OUT ON A LIMB: Elizabeth Warren: ‘I Shouldn’t Have’ Claimed to be Native American.

Warren, 70, apologized in public for the first time in August about her claim of Native American heritage, saying she regretted “the harm that I have caused.”

Asked about the issue at a New Hampshire town hall on Dec. 6, Warren said she’s not a Native American.

“I grew up in Oklahoma and my three older brothers and I learned about our family the same way most people do, from our mom and our dad. My family is very important to me and that’s why, many years ago, I sometimes identify as Native American,” she said, claiming that the identity “never had anything to do with any job that I got, or any benefit.”

Warren wrote “American Indian” on one of her job applications and was described as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color.”

“But even so, I shouldn’t have done it. I am not a person of color, I am not a citizen of a tribe. And I have apologized for confusion I have caused on tribal citizenship, on tribal sovereignty, and for any harm that I’ve caused,” Warren added on Friday.

Having ticked this box off, presumably, Warren is both assuming that the DNC-MSM will never mention it again, and if they do, she’ll play the Clinton-esque “that’s old news” game.

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