November 20, 2019

BROWNSHIRTS: Student groups attempt to shut down conservative event at NC State. “Both the Young Democrat Socialists of America and an Antifa-offshoot called Smash Racism Raleigh protested an event on the NC State University campus last week. Days before the event, the two groups were also involved in an incident that led to a conservative student, son of U.S. Congressman Dan Bishop (R-N.C.), being hit in the face with spray paint.” Plus: “They came in a pre-planned effort to intimidate and censor us.”

Congrats to NCSU for not yielding to violent intimidation by leftists.

UPDATE: In the comments, people are wondering when we’re going to see federal civil rights prosecutions over these coordinated efforts to deny people their right to free speech. I wonder that too, but I think the answer is that in his second term, President Trump will have more flexibility.

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