November 19, 2019

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS NO ONE IS ASKING: How Soledad O’Brien Became CNN and the Mainstream Media’s Most Outspoken Critic.

“As a woman of color,” she said, “you sit there and think, this shit is just racist, and I’m disappointed when journalists have a really hard time in just saying ‘this thing is a lie, this thing is racist, this thing is bigoted, this thing is misogynistic.’ It’s not super-complicated.”

O’Brien added: “The idea of something being ‘racially charged’ or ‘racially tinged’—what the fuck is that? Journalists will bend over and literally do gymnastics to avoid calling someone a racist. Or ‘verifiably untrue.’ It’s just a lie! What is wrong with you? That actually drives me insane. It’s just a failure of journalism.”

Some of those gymnastics to avoid calling someone a racist are just like a home run — right into the Memory Hole.

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