November 18, 2019

PROCUREMENT: Zumwalt-class stealth destroyer gun dead, vessel mission being redefined.

Even as the second-in-class USS Michael Monsoor departs from Guantanamo Bay for San Diego to receive commissioning and combat testing, the Navy is only starting to figure out what they will do with the troubled multi-billion dollar Zumwalt-class destroyer.

The Zumwalt has been billed as the most advanced destroyer ever built, with stealth capabilities and a gun system that could provide precision fire support deep inland ahead of advancing amphibious forces.

But the Zumwalt’s gun system has been put on the backburner — if it will ever be activated at all — its stealth features may be degrading and out of an originally planned 32, only two have been built, with one more on the way. Of those three, only one is considered active and none are yet deployable despite years of delays.

Keelhauling would be too kind for every- and anyone to blame for this mess.

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