November 9, 2019

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: How Climate Activist Arnold Schwarzenegger Became Box Office Poison.

Some images are hard to shake, like a floppy-haired Hugh Grant begging for forgiveness on The Tonight Show after getting caught with a prostitute.

Similarly, close your eyes and you’ll see Schwarzenegger flaunting his fame sans guilt.

Remember the pictures of him puffing on massive cigars and driving around in a gas-guzzling Hummers? Few stars enjoyed the spoils of success quite like Schwarzenegger.

These days, he’s singing from the eco-choir. He even supports suing oil companies for hurting the planet. This week Schwarzenegger embraced the radical left’s climate change sage.

The newest Terminator movie reportedly had a budget of $185 million. Considering the giant carbon footprint of a film production that size and its advertising campaign, Arnold should be thrilled that his former audiences kept their own carbon footprint low by not driving to see his movie! Similarly, its expected low output of merchandising and Blu-Ray sales should make producer James Cameron feel pretty darn chuffed as well.

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