November 1, 2019

FROM THE BIRTHPLACE OF ENGLISH LIBERTY: Homeowners who refuse to install a smart meter will face a huge hike in energy bills, minister warns.

The Government wants 85 per cent of homes to have a smart meter to monitor power usage by 2024 – but the rollout has been plagued by delays.

However, climate change minister Lord Duncan told the business, energy and industrial strategy committee those who refused a smart meter would soon ‘find the stick’ of rapidly rising bills. He said the cost of maintaining a traditional meter would increase as the rollout progressed because it would be more expensive for suppliers to do manual readings.

He added: ‘Once you get to the point of moving down from 15 per cent to 10 per cent to 9 per cent and so forth, the expense of maintaining these relic meters will be very high.’

BS. Any savings generated by smart meters won’t be going back to consumers. Britain will jack up prices on older meters in order to force compliance, and to increase surveillance and control over Britons via smart meters.

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