October 31, 2019

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Why Woke Comedy’s ‘Punching Down’ Rule Is a Joke.

Trump fans aren’t rich. They often hail from cobalt blue collar backgrounds and have little political clout. In short, they’re low on the cultural ladder and, therefore, shouldn’t be targets of ridicule.

Yet they are, both in this sketch and across the comedy landscape. Earlier this year far-left comedian Jimmy Kimmel uncorked this screed.

“Like many Americans who have been repeatedly punched in the head, Colby Covington is a big Donald Trump supporter. And there’s nothing Donald Trump loves more than people who love Donald Trump.”

So where’s the outrage? Is anyone more marginalized than Trump supporters these days?

They’re repeatedly beaten up, mocked on national TV and some higher profile supporters are chased out of restaurants.

Meanwhile, today’s woke comedy police cite “punching down” as the biggest thought crime on the books.

To be fair, woke comedians say a lot of stuff, none of it funny.

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