October 21, 2019

THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND MUCH AT THE ATLANTIC, BUT THEY UNDERSTAND THIS: How Hillary Clinton Boosted Tulsi Gabbard. “Her decision to inject herself into the 2020 election was a mistake. It was exactly the kind of clumsy, self-absorbed move that, despite Clinton’s lifetime in the public eye, revealed a total misunderstanding of how politics work. Far from exposing or thwarting Gabbard, as Clinton loyalists want to believe, the former secretary of state overshot the mark by making an accusation without proof. Gabbard will now dismiss real concerns about her as just so much conspiracy theorizing.”

And this is from Tom Nichols, who actually thinks Gabbard is a Russian asset, so you know Hillary’s stuff is playing badly.

Plus, seen on Facebook:

UPDATE: From the comments: “They accuse their enemies of being Russian agents to deflect attention from the increasingly obvious fact that their side – from the NBA to Apple – are all Chinese agents.” If you assert it, it must be so. That’s how this works, right?

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