October 19, 2019

HE’S NOT WRONG: Michigan Congressman Calls Hillary Clinton a ‘Trump Asset’ After Gabbard Comments.

In a follow-up tweet issued shortly after 1 a.m., the congressman wrote: “Hillary does—and did—drive many people into the arms of Donald Trump. Her attack on Tulsi does likewise. In my district, Trump did worse than any Republican in modern times and still beat Clinton by a fair margin. Many Ds in the Midwest rejected her. I didn’t vote for either one.”

Right after I saw this, I saw the following declaration from one of my libertarian Facebook friends:

I’ve given up potentially lucrative media gigs because I would not stump for Trump. I’ve limited the places and people I would work for because of him.

I deeply disdain his rhetoric, immigration positions, trade policies, and nationalist instincts.

But after witnessing the behavior, policies, and hot air of the democrats over the past week, I think I’m going to really revel in his victory next year.

I keep seeing stuff like this.

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