September 29, 2002

BLOGGING FROM MUNICH, Eamonn Fitzgerald reports that some Germans are catching on at last:

Finally, an editorial in the Süddeutsche Zeitung in which realism trumps idealism. Wolfgang Koydl’s “Ein Moralist im Weißen Haus” makes clear that Europeans who call President Bush a “cowboy”, a “Rambo” or plain “berserk” are missing the point of what’s happening in Washington today. Koydl says they should accept instead that Bush is a “revolutionary, a visionary and a moralist.” Naturally, many of the paper’s anti-American readers will have spilt their morning coffee in outrage upon reading this, but Koydl sets out convincing reasons for his interpretation of the situation. . . .

The Bush doctrine of preemption is a concept that’s going to make the world more dangerous before it is more secure, argues Koydl, but at least it is a concept and Europe will have to live with until it can provide an alternative.

Koydl concludes by saying that if Europe wishes to prevent another American Century it must do something other that whining about the “sheriff in the White House.”


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