October 15, 2019

BETO IS A FURRY: Buried in a Politico article headlined “The hidden menace threatening Democrats’ bid to beat Trump in 2020” is this bit of comedy gold:

After the September debate, DNC Tech sent out a summary of suspicious activity it spotted by monitoring Twitter. The party found that a Twitter thread by Beto O’Rourke was the target of “dogpiling,” the technical term for when trolls coordinate on one thread to dominate the candidate’s mentions. The Beto dogpile concerned a popular meme that says Beto is a furry.

Not everything deserves a response. When the DNC reached out and reported the furry dogpile to Beto’s campaign, the DNC staffer noted, “I haven’t flagged this activity to Twitter as I think the backlash to any action taken by them might be worse than the current activity.”

In addition to the dogpile, the DNC reported after the September debate “[a]t least three new right-wing narratives targeting candidates,” and that there was a “direct threat to one candidate, which Twitter removed in the early morning following the debate.”

With DNC in mind, party bans furry dogpiles!

Not surprisingly, prolific twitter user “Comfortably Smug,” who sells “Beto is a Furry” T-shirts, is having lots of fun today: DNC’s secret war room alerted Beto’s campaign about efforts to push ‘Beto is a Furry’ and LOL.

Flashback: “Here’s Video of Beto O’Rourke Singing ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ in a Sheep Mask and Onesie,” from January in Mother Jones, the house organ of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy…

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