October 12, 2019


Mr Clarkson accused the environmental activists of hypocrisy for using products made from oil and gas.

He said: “That high-visibility jacket you’re wearing. And your shoes. And that terrible tent you’re living in. And the screen on your mobile phone. And the stickers on your laptop case. All of it is made from oil and gas.

“You stand there with your placard saying fracking is suicide but you don’t realise, because you’re a halfwit, that without fracking there’d be no ethane. And without ethane, there’d be no elasticity in your underpants. So they’d fall down all the time.

“And without oil, there’d be no yoga mats either.”

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Since AOC assures us that the world is coming to an end in 12 years, at least they know the maximum length of their sentence.


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