October 6, 2019


UPDATE: Related:

Also: “If Mitt worked this hard on Obama, he could have won… He is a pompous ‘ass’ who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement…”

This is true, and it’s why so many people who supported Romney in 2012 are mocking him now. He poses as a figure of integrity, but he cares more about being popular with the “in” crowd than, well, anything.

Related: Trump is a symptom of a new kind of class warfare raging at home and abroad: “But the New Class isn’t limited to communist countries, really. Around the world in the postwar era, power was taken up by unelected professional and managerial elites. To understand what’s going on with President Donald Trump and his opposition, and in other countries as diverse as France, Hungary, Italy and Brazil, it’s important to realize that the post-World War II institutional arrangements of the Western democracies are being renegotiated, and that those democracies’ professional and managerial elites don’t like that very much, because they have done very well under those arrangements. And, like all elites who are doing very well, they don’t want that to change.”

Also: When Rulers Despise The Ruled. “If the rulers feel neither loyalty nor empathy toward the ruled, the ruled can be expected to return the favor.”

Plus: Flashback: Tammy Bruce: Romney’s Trump attack rings especially hollow when you look at his treatment of Ric Grenell. “The fact of the matter is he was pushed out after Mr. Romney failed both a character and moral test: to stand up for someone he hired who was being attacked for being gay. . . . The character-filled Romney was asking the gay man to go hide in the closet.”

UPDATE: From the comments: “Part of the Great Revealing is the revealing of many, many people who are far more motivated by class than anything else, certainly moreso than political philosophy.”

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