September 28, 2019

PROGRESS, OF A SORT: New Yorker cover depicts Trump and Giuliani as mobsters murdering Uncle Sam.

I suppose that’s a step up for the New Yorker, since they’re showing Trump murdering a symbol, as opposed to Trump himself being murdered:

That cover ran a year after the GOP’s Steve Scalise and Rand Paul were both attacked, and seven years after the New Yorker blamed the Tucson massacre on Sarah Palin’s clip art and rhetoric.

And it’s not like New Yorker staffers wouldn’t mind putting a “whack job” on America’s freedoms themselves: Calling America’s “Ungovernable” and “Terrifying” Car Culture a “Terrible Mistake” with “Disastrous Drivers” Leading to “Chaos”, Liberal Writer Wants “Smart” Solutions to Bring It to an End.

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