September 22, 2019

WELL, YES: Biden Dealings With Ukraine Raise Troubling Questions, despite Dem criticism.

The proposed investigation involves Hunter Biden’s involvement with a controversial Ukrainian natural gas company while then-Vice President Biden was overseeing America’s Ukraine policy.

Critics of the president have accused Trump of attempting to “extort” Ukrainian officials for “dirt” on Biden, the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination to run against Trump next year.

But why would Ukraine have dirt on Joe Biden? For answers, one must look at Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company which, until earlier this year, employed Hunter Biden.

Yes, but the media has been pretty ruthless in avoiding looking into the Biden family’s dealings with Ukraine or China. Trump, however, is fair game for perhaps trying to push the Ukrainians into doing what the American press won’t.

Old school media: “It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup.”

New school media: “It’s not the crime, it’s the investigation.”

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