September 13, 2019

HOW TO SUCCEED IN TENNIS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING: A review of Roger Simon’s The GOAT in RealClearBooks.

If you read Roger Simon’s latest novel, “The Goat,” avoid reading it on an airplane. I burst out laughing enough to alarm everyone else in the cabin. Simon has cooked up a frolicking, comic fantasy with lots to say. . . .

Through all the comedy and hilarity, Simon has something to say. Call it wisdom, call it the complexity of experience. Call it a backwards glance at the self-absorbed cultural transformation that occurred in the United States in the sixties and seventies. Whatever it is, “The Goat” lets you live the dream and laugh along the way, and still laugh when you reach that dark inevitable place that avarice, lies, deception and greed take you, even if Simon has the mercy to set you down gently in a soft warm place.

It’s a great book. Highly recommended. (Bumped).

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