September 8, 2019

GOD AND MAN AT SOUTH BEND: Progressive ‘Christian’ Pete Buttigieg Doesn’t Seem to Understand His Own ‘Faith.’

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Buttigieg’s abortion sophistry was too much for his evangelical brother-in-law, Pastor Ryan Glezman. He told the Washington Examiner:

I feel a sense of responsibility and stewardship of my faith to stand up and say something, to say, ‘No, that’s not true.’ God places a very high value on all human life. Everyone is created fearfully and wonderfully in the image of God with intrinsic value. That doesn’t start at the first breath, it starts when we enter our mother’s womb.

Glezman expressed concern that Buttigieg is making increasingly outlandish claims about the Bible and Christianity, all for political expediency:

What we see is a modern-day Pharisee. Buttigieg is a person who’s making up [his] own rules and regulations and, basically, if we don’t celebrate and endorse [his] interpretation of Scripture, our religion is fallible. And that’s just not true.

If, as some say, Pete Buttigieg is the face of the future Democratic Party, then that Party will be even more insufferable and intolerant than the current incarnation.

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