September 7, 2019

DEATH BY METAPHOR? Arizona GOP Criticized for Wanting to Stop Dem Mark Kelly ‘Dead in His Tracks.’

Though to be fair, the Democratic Party operatives with bylines criticizing Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward is NBC, which promoted the idea that Sarah Palin’s clip art played a role in a madman shooting Kelly’s wife, Gabrielle Giffords in 2011, and the following year, argued that the words “golf” and “Chicago” were racist.

As Rick Moran writes, “There’s a simple way to stop it: stop responding as if the argument is legitimate. Instead of complaining about the attack, ignore it. Better yet, make fun of it. Call the perpetrators out for being monumentally stupid. It will take a while. But there are a lot of fair-minded people in America who recognize the idiocy for what it is: rabid, extreme ideology run amok.”

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