September 3, 2019

WELL, TO BE FAIR, HE’S JUST THE NYT’S VERSION OF JENNIFER RUBIN, SO OF COURSE HE’S AN EMBARRASSMENT: Bret Stephens Compared Me to a Nazi Propagandist in the New York Times. It Proved My Point. “Stephens may be the first person in history to publicly illustrate both the Streisand Effect and Godwin’s Law in a single episode.”

Plus: “As I have noted elsewhere, this was never about online civility. It was about power. Bret Stephens believed that, by virtue of his comfortable position at the New York Times, he ought to be immune from insult or criticism.” Ah, yes. Big Media Privilege.

And: “If Stephens can abuse his position by searching out and threatening anyone who makes a joke about him online, and then devote an entire column to the nonsense personal vendetta that ensues, then I have to ask… how embarrassing is too embarrassing for Times editorial page editor James Bennet and his team?” Lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut, I’d say.

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