September 1, 2019


“This isn’t an isolated incident,” Christian Toto writes in response:

A crush of stories shows how conservatives are treated like second-class citizens, or worse, in Hollywood today. That intensified following Trump’s election. They lose jobs and aren’t allowed to fully express themselves like their liberal peers.

Many right-leaning actors and crew members stay silent, both on the set and via social media. They fear risking key opportunities if they don’t toe the progressive line.

And while a select few actors, like Nick Searcy, are loud and proud of their conservative opinions, others think speaking up can have consequences.

You’d think the actor best known for a show about love and tolerance would understand that.

I’m sure Messing and McCormack justify their doublethink the same way that Ted Knight, playing Caddyshack’s smug Judge Elihu Smails character, said to Danny, the movie’s teenage golf caddy and chief protagonist, “I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn’t want to do it. I felt I owed it to them.”

“This ploy keeping Hollywood a liberal bastion is subtle, but extraordinarily effective – smoke out right-wingers and their sympathizers, spread the word of their apostasy, freeze them out, repeat. This process is seen in every crevice of Tinseltown, and it quietly teaches a lesson to all watching… The Deep Hollywood enforcers are everywhere, at every level…ejecting the deplorables while fortifying the liberal wall. It’s a process they’ve been employing and perfecting since the 1930s, with undeniable results,” conservative entrepreneur Patrick Courrielche wrote in “Tinseltown Travelogue – a deplorable’s adventures in la la land,” in 2017.

As Glenn added at the time, “You know the difference between a Republican and a pedophile? Hollywood will work with a pedophile.”

Basically, anyone working in Hollywood who attends a Trump fundraiser and is outed by the media will be “blacklisting himself,” to slightly modify the original title of Roger Simon’s autobiography. And just like that, an entire genre of Hollywood anti-blacklist movies are about to be cut up into guitar picks.

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