August 29, 2019

WHY IS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUCH A CESSPIT OF ANTI-SEMITISM? NJ NAACP President to Reporter: ‘I don’t talk to f***ing Jews.’

Jeffrey Dye declined to say if he plans to resign his post as President of the Passaic NAACP after several top Democrats urged him to move on.

“I don’t talk to fucking Jews,” Dye told the New Jersey Globe during a very brief telephone interview.  “Get the fuck out of here.”

Dye was fired from his job with the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development last week after the Globe reported that he had made anti-Semitic and anti-Latino comments on his personal Facebook page.

The president of the NAACP New Jersey Conference, Richard T. Smith, told the Globe that no decision has been made about Dye’s future.

“We are awaiting the return of our National President and CEO who is traveling abroad before further action is sanctioned,” Smith said.

Yesterday, “Dye posted a response on his Facebook page.  It is printed in its entirety:”

Ok To Everyone Looking At This Racist Bullshit I Want You To Be Clear, The Statement ( “I Don’t Talk To Fucking Jews” ) Is Simply A Lie By David Wallstien Who Is A Jewish Reporter For The New Jersey Globe. Now Tell David Wallstien To Let You Hear The Tape Which I Know Damn Well They Was Recording & I Promise You In Fact I Will Give That Person Who Has That On Tape $5,000.00 Dollars. What You Are Seriously Watching Here Is ( “COINTELPRO & JEWISH MEDIA PROPAGANDA ASSASSINATION HIT TEAM” ) At Work & It’s That Racist Gary Schaer Behind It All & He Is Using The Jewish Media To Get Me Fired From A Job “Which He Did For Me Telling The Truth About Israel & The Killing & Murder Of The Palestinian People & The Enslavement Of African People” I Want You All To Know This Isn’t Really About Jeffrey Dye This Is About Them Working Together To Use Me Against Our Governor Phil Murphy Who They Are Really After & Their Using Me & Others Like Me To Tarnish Our Governor Phil Murphy So He’s Not Successful In His Re-Election & ( “Gary Schaer & Hector Lora Who Are Both Former Republicans Are Using Both Parties To Get Rid Of Governor Phil Murphy. Why Do You Think They Was So Close To Former Governor Chris Christie” ) And They Want To Disrupt & Dismantle & Get Rid Of The Passaic NAACP And Me The President. When You Have Any Real Activist That Speaks Like I Do He’s A Threat & Dangerous To Any Racist That’s Trying To Destroy Black & Latino People To Advance Their Cause To Dictate & Control This World.

Last week North reported that New Jersey’s Gov. Phil Murphy (D, though it’s not directly mentioned in the article) “says fired worker’s social media posts offensive, declines hiring questions:”

When asked who hired Dye, Murphy shut a reporter down. “I’ve said everything I’m going to say,” he said.

After this story published online Thursday, a spokeswoman for the Labor Department clarified that commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo hired Dye but was not aware of his social media posts at that time.

A veteran state lawmaker had expressed concerns about Dye at “the highest levels” of the administration, and Dye had a criminal record that included drug possession and resisting arrest stemming from an incident in which he allegedly punched a police officer in Passaic. That did not seem to concern Murphy.

“People, if they make reparations, if they make up for what they’ve done, I’d like to be the state where folks get a second chance,” Murphy said.

We need a complete and total shutdown of New Jersey until we can figure out what the hell is going on there.

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