August 29, 2002

AIR SECURITY JUST GOT A BIT LESS STUPID. And it’s about time. Think those “Impeach Norm Mineta” stickers are having an effect?

A friend who is a bigshot at the Department of Transportation tells me that he thinks Norm Mineta is the fallguy in a conspiracy by the Bush Administration to make big government look bad — that the Administration’s agreement to federalize air security last fall was basically a rope-a-dope strategy. That’s a theory that I’ve propounded here before, mostly in jest, but he seemed to be serious. Go figure.

It would certainly explain a lot.

UPDATE: Reader John Tuttle has some other candidates for “conspiracy programs” to make big government look bad:

Education Reform

The Farm Bill

Campaign Finance Reform

The Steel Tariffs

Homeland Defense

George Tenet

FBI Dir Mueller

Hey, come to think of it. . . .

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