August 28, 2002

WHO IS TAPPED KIDDING? It thinks that Ann Coulter’s publisher should make major changes because of errors that bloggers have found in her book.

But last I heard, Knopf was still defending Michael Bellesiles’ utterly discredited book Arming America. The errors people are pointing out in Coulter’s book are chickenfeed compared to the pattern of ineptitude and/or fraud identified in Bellesiles’ book. Yet neither Knopf nor major book review publications like the New York Times Book Review and the New York Review of Books have acknowledged that their reviews of Bellesiles’ book giving the erroneous impression that it is a useful scholarly work that can be trusted are — to put it mildly — wrong, wrong, wrong.

Am I suggesting there’s a double standard, when a “pop” book comes in for more general criticism than an allegedly scholarly book — and that it’s no coincidence that the criticized book is right-wing while the allegedly scholarly book is PC? Yes, I am. Thanks for asking.

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