August 28, 2002

ENVIRONMENTALISTS AGAINST CLEAN POWER: Here’s a story to add to the Johannesburg coverage. There’s just no satisfying some people.

UPDATE: Of course, maybe there’s a reason for the strangely amnesiac quality of a lot of reporting on these issues. . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Wow, here’s more Green kvetching:

The newest manifestation of Nimby, or not in my backyard, requires a different acronym: not in my viewshed. Wind-farm opponents contend that, like a watershed, a viewshed, or public view, is the common property of those who share it, and must not be degraded unilaterally by any one property owner.

So when wind power is held out as an environmentally friendly alternative to, say, nuclear power, just remember that people will bitch about it, too, if it should ever happen to actually materialize.

And all those solar collectors? Ugly. Must be banned.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Tony Hooker says that he’s got the explanation.

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