July 12, 2019

VIRGINIA CLOWN SHOW UPDATE, Or, Past Performance is no Guarantee of Future Results:

● Shot: Ralph Northam Must Resign.

—Headline, the Washington Post editorial board, February 6th. As Glenn wrote at the time:

Hey, WaPo editorial board — remember how you pushed Northam as some sort of racial healer, while gleefully spreading the bullshit claims that longtime milquetoast GOP pol Ed Gillespie was some sort of Stormfront stalking horse? Maybe you should resign, too, hacks. Don’t try to pretend this is just about the rottenness of Virginia’s Democratic Party. You’re part of the rot yourselves.

Indeed, to coin an Insta-phrase. How much so? That brings us to:

● Chaser: Ralph Northam: I expected better of Virginia’s legislators.

—Headline atop column by Northam at the Washington Post yesterday.

Back in April, the New York Times, which used to be a newspaper, wrote a headline passively titled, ‘‘It Just Went Poof’: The Strange Aftermath of Virginia’s Cascade of Political Scandals.”

The Post, which also once held itself out as a newspaper, didn’t simply take the pressure off Northam, they’re letting him contribute columns to their newspaper. Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines (and with bylines available to the right left people), and it all makes sense.

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