July 10, 2019

JOHN KASS: Democrats might win census citizen question in courts but lose at the ballot box.

So why can’t Americans ask it of people in our country? Why can’t we ask people in this country — on the 2020 census — if they are citizens of the United States?

But if you dare ask it, or support the idea that it’s a reasonable question, you’ll be denounced by the Democratic left as a racist, a tool of Trump, and you’ll be exiled for your sins.

Is it racist and evil for a nation to ask if its residents are citizens of that nation?

No. Every citizen should have the right to know how many citizens are here. We are not the subjects of the government. We are citizens. And for now, at least, citizenship still counts. You must declare your citizenship if you wish to get a U.S. passport. So why shouldn’t the 2020 census be able to ask if you are a citizen?

Polls aren’t everything, but a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released the other day shows that 67 percent of people agreed that the question, “Is this person a citizen of the United States?” should be allowed on the 2020 census. Eight-eight percent of Republicans, 52 percent of Democrats and even 63 percent of independents said it was a legitimate question.

If those who agreed to the question are wise, they’ll keep their mouths shut, lest they be denounced for Thought Crime.

Dems, however, are trying to tilt things so that they never lose at the ballot box again.

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