July 1, 2019

ANALYSIS: TRUE. If You Don’t Stand Up for Andy Ngo, You Could Be Next. “What you just saw was a pack of privileged white dudes in masks beating up a smaller guy who’s a minority (Ngo is Vietnamese-American) and a member of the LGBTQ community (he’s gay). These cowards punched him and threw things at him in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, because they knew the cops wouldn’t stop them. It might as well be Alabama in the ’50s. The only difference between Antifa and the Klan is fashion.”

Plus: “Jim Acosta gets a microphone taken away by a female White House aide, and they make a martyr of him. Andy Ngo gets beaten up by a mob of leftists, and they shrug. It all depends on how useful you are to the #Resistance. You will say the things you’re supposed to say, or you’re on your own.”

Remember, the press has taken sides here. View them accordingly.

Meanwhile, Harmeet Dhillon is on the case: Lawyer For Journalist Beaten During Portland Riot Posts Brutal Message To Antifa.

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