June 28, 2019

COMMUNIST FRONT CORPORATION: Huawei Technologies loses trade secrets case against U.S. chip designer.

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The reality of Chinese law is that even if Chinese companies wish to act in good faith, they are compelled to cooperate with the military and intelligence services. Suffice it to say, there is no Fourth Amendment nor FISA Court in China.

After years of U.S. concerns, the Administration ultimately added Huawei to the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Entity List, which effectively blocks any U.S. companies from selling or transferring them U.S. technology. President Trump simultaneously issued an Executive Order that will likely lead to a banning of telecommunications equipment imports from Huawei, ZTE, and others posing a national security risk.

Unfortunately, this playbook is also all too familiar when dealing with the CCP—the ultimate power behind the throne of these two “National Champions.”

The long-held hope was that Western wealth and technology in Chinese people’s hands would eventually force Beijing to liberalize along something more like the Western model. Instead, Beijing is using Silicon Valley’s tools to create history’s most efficient police state.

It’s time to decouple.

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