June 25, 2019

YOU CAN’T TRUST THE TECH BILLIONAIRES TO PROTECT FREE SPEECH: I Was Called A KKK Member For Asking Amazon To Support Ideological Diversity.

All of this points to the fact that Amazon has no conservatives in positions of power. No conservative board member would sit idly by while the SPLC was allowed to run the business’s charity portal. It’s inconceivable. That’s why we think Amazon needs to institute a policy that considers viewpoint and ideological diversity. But such a suggestion was too much for the leftists in the room.

They booed and heckled me throughout my presentation. After my proposal, a representative from Arjuna Capital suggested that I was there to “protect white males.” Then, after the meeting, a representative from the Nathan Cummings Foundation tracked me down to suggest I should get going so I wouldn’t be late for my “next Klan meeting or book burning.” This is the guy who introduced a shareholder proposal calling on Amazon to ban content!

Liberal intolerance for diversity of thought is both top-down and bottom-up. Amazon’s board flatly rejected our proposal in the hopes of remaining a liberal enclave. Amazon’s activist investors hate the thought of viewpoint diversity so much that they reacted with petulance and name-calling.

When you hear a corporation tout its supposed goals of “diversity and inclusion,” just know that this sentiment doesn’t mean inclusion of conservatives or those with deeply held religious beliefs.

Very much the opposite.

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