June 18, 2019

YES, LET’S: Let’s Move More Federal Agencies Out of Washington: There’s no need for most federal agencies to be stationed in the nation’s capital, one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Hey, there’s bipartisan support for this idea.

And here’s my column: Make DC A Swamp Again: Trump is scaring progressive hipsters away, he should send federal workers after them. “A few decades ago, Washington was a sleepy town, famously mocked by JFK for being a combination of ‘northern charm and southern efficiency.’ You could dine at the fanciest restaurants on a senior civil servant’s salary, real estate prices were reasonable, and the cultural life was, well, pretty lifeless. This is what we should aspire to for D.C.’s future.”

If Trump were really smart, of course, he’d send them to the rural parts of deep-blue states, so they won’t boost the Democrats’ electoral fortunes, and so that lefty-types won’t want to work for the federal government as much.

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