June 16, 2019

NO BIG DEAL, JUST A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE REFUSING TO SAY THE GOVERNMENT SHOULDN’T TAKE OVER MAJOR INDUSTRIES: “‘Fox News Sunday’ host Chris Wallace asked Sen. Bernie Sanders about a quote of his from the 1970s in which he says he favors public ownership of utilities, banks and major industries. Naturally, he obfuscated and refused to say he is against such a takeover.”

Given that as candidates, Obama in 2008 and Hillary in 2016 both gleefully discussed putting coal mines and their employees out of business — and received no pushback whatsoever from the DNC-MSM – “Bernie’s Strange Brew of Nationalism and Socialism,” as Kevin Williamson aptly described Sanders’ worldview in 2015, isn’t too far removed. It’s long been the stuff of Salon.com fantasies and more recently, AOC’s “Green Nude Eel,” of course.

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