June 10, 2019

SUCKING IN THE ‘70s: Why is John Dean testifying before the House about the Mueller report today?

Democrats will defend this, I suspect, by arguing that all they’re trying to do is call public attention to what’s actually in Mueller’s report. Most Americans haven’t read it; many don’t know even some of the bottom-line findings. If Dems can get a little extra media attention and TV time by having a familiar name run through those findings, so much the better. Is Dean’s name familiar to anyone under the age of 65, though? Conversely, is anyone over the age of 65 waiting for Dean’s take to make up their mind on Russiagate? If you’re the sort of person excited to see Nixon’s lawyer lay into Trump, your mind’s been made up about the president since before day one. If they want to get the word out about Mueller’s findings, they should have Oprah or Taylor Swift testify about their understanding of the report’s conclusions. A show this big deserves a star above the D-list.

Dean, arguably the ultimate MSM “Republican” who only attacks Republicans served as a punching bag for House GOP members:

You want to see Louis Gohmert reading to him a New York Times article identifying John Dean as the man who gave the order to burglarize the Watergate Hotel and who hired the burglars.

“That’s a lie,” Dean says.

“Take it up with the New York Times,” Gohmert snaps back.

Soon after — maybe right after, though there’s usually a Democrat between Republicans — Jim Jordan accuses Dean of having advised Lanny Davis and Michael Cohen to withhold Cohen’s testimony from Republicans, while sharing it with Democrats.

Then, soon after that, Matt Gaetz drills down on an interesting question — How much is Dean being paid to do His One Job of accusing Republicans of being Nixon?

And how many Republican presidents has he so accused? He notes that John Dean has made a lucrative “cottage industry” of accusing almost every Republican president of being “worse than Nixon.”

Exit quote from Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA): “It was brought up when one of our candidates talked about Russia being a threat, & former president Obama said the 80s are asking for their foreign policy back. Well guess what, this committee is now hearing from the ‘70s, and they want their star witness back.”

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