June 5, 2019

INTO THE VIDEO MIXMASTER: Karol Markowicz was interviewed for two hours by the Daily Show in April on socialism – which they puréed down to one minute of video to contrast a puff-piece on Bernie Sanders. As she writes:

A few things about this clip, though. I tell the story of my great-grandfather dying in a Soviet gulag for the crime of owning a bakery. Jaboukie then asks Sanders if anyone will be sent to the gulag under his presidency. They make a joke about it which, gross, but whatever.

Bernie says USSR or Venezuela is not what he means and Democratic Socialists “stood up and fought” against Soviet system. That really pisses me off. Bro, you honeymooned in the Soviet Union. You didn’t stand up & fight against shit. You enabled the boot on the neck of my family.

I’m really disgusted by that revisionist history. Then at 4:36 mark there’s an absurd “fact check” about what critics of socialism get wrong by comparing Democratic Socialists to those in Soviet Union or Venezuela. Why is a comedy show doing this kind of bs fact check? Unclear.

Markowicz is far from the first conservative to be interviewed for hours by the Daily Show, only to have the responses cut up into tiny (often deceptive) sound-bites. Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with editing software, and it all makes sense.

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