June 2, 2019

POGO THROUGH THE POO-POO? Swedish Startup to Bring Pogo Sticks to San Francisco as E-Scooter Alternative, CBS affiliate KPIX-5 — not the Babylon Bee — reports:

The pogo sticks, he said, could be used to get around, but could also be used as a fitness product, as it counts each jump to keep riders motivated.

“We’ve been following the micro-mobility market and seen the demand. However, we also found that existing players are very generic when it comes to brand loyalty and making a statement and contributing to something beyond taking you from point A to B,” he said, emphasizing the sustainability and fitness aspect to the pogo sticks.

Mikkelsen said Cangoroo would be ready to work with city officials, including the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, on regulations and safety before launching the product.

“We don’t have specific details about this company but we will review any new transportation service to ensure compliance with existing laws,” SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose said in a statement.

The launch of hundreds of e-scooters last year in the city by a handful of companies quickly drew the ire of residents who complained the dockless scooters were being thrown on sidewalks and blocking walkways.

Make sure your interactive San Francisco poop map is up to date before taking a spin.

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