May 27, 2019


Assuming this is true in more or less the way you have described it, my hope is that something good might come from it. It will be incredibly – and rightly – hard for the US to back away from the celebration of Dr. King, to cancel or rename the Martin Luther King holiday, to rename the Martin Luther King avenues, to demolish the Martin Luther King monument in the Mall, and so on. And perhaps – just perhaps – this might lead to some on the Left rethinking their opposition to other iconic figures of the past. Perhaps people will feel more able to say:

Yes, Martin Luther King was (it now appears) a sexual predator. But he was ALSO a transformational leader whose work led the country to a more just place.

and likewise:

Yes, George Washington was a slave owner. But he was ALSO the leader who brought together the country in its infancy in a way that no one else at the time could.

and likewise…

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