May 25, 2019


There’s just one problem. The video not manipulated. It is not doctored or altered or fake. Whatever word you want to use, it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t even deceptively edited. No matter what Trump’s opponents claim, one thing is undeniable: Nancy’s speech is not altered in the video. The video is a series of clips made into a montage—a common method for saving time. The video Trump shared is a clip from Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business from the same day. Greg Jarrett (filling in for Lou Dobbs) aired the montage from her press conference and discussed it with his guest, former Reagan White House political director and Fox Business political analyst Ed Rollins.

You can watch the segment by clicking here and scrubbing over to 6:55 (cable subscription and login required) to see the portion of the segment that Trump tweeted.

Despite the fact that Trump did not share a video that deceptively altered Pelosi’s speech, social media was buzzing over this false narrative, from the left and Never Trump right.

Shades of the media’s old “selectively edited” trope. So does this mean anytime the media uses a montage, we can call the video “doctored” or “manipulated?” Team America has had it!

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