May 21, 2019

COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE LEFTISM: British Beer Co. Advocates Hitting Conservatives Over The Head With Bricks.

Meanwhile, in the colonies, CBS on Throwing Milkshakes at ‘Right-Wing’: Sure It ‘Feels Great.’

I imagine if this tactic was ever adopted by the right, CBS’s newsreaders would rapidly change their mind. Or as Jim Treacher writes, “I sincerely hope that Tom Peck, Jonn Elledge, and everybody else who applauds this wave of ‘milkshaking’ can avoid having any frosty confections hurled at them as they walk down the street. Not only because it’s wrong, but because the cognitive dissonance, as they try to explain why such an act is no longer tolerable, might drive them crazy.*”

Earlier: Farage Fallout: Burger King UK Accused of Promoting Political Violence in Scotland With Tweets Promoting “Fun” Milkshakes.

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