May 19, 2019

ROGER SIMON: Biden Was Projecting When He Called Trump “Divider-in-Chief.”

As is becoming increasingly evident, the previous Democrat administration, of which Joe was a significant member, was up to its eyeballs in skullduggery, working through allies in the Department of Justice and the FBI (and the CIA and the State Department, apparently), to undermine the Trump presidency before it got started.  This gave rise to the Mueller probe that tarnished Trump with outrageous accusations of non-existent Russia collusion for over two years, an act of sabotage unprecedented in our history. Again not a word from Joe.

This was divisiveness taken to the nth power.  Yet Biden is advertising himself as the decent man of moderation, our new uniter-in-chief, who will cure all this  As if.

They’re gonna put you all back in chains!

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