July 29, 2002

SUSANNA CORNETT points out this piece by Don Kates over at History News Network concerning guns and violence. It’s worth a read. I’m currently reading Joyce Malcolm’s new book, Guns and Violence: The English Experience, (prior link is to the Harvard University Press description; Amazon page with reviews is here), which I’m finding quite interesting, though I’ve only made it to the fifteenth century so far.

An interesting gun-related observation: The special Bill-of-Rights symposium issue of Duke’s Law and Contemporary Problems journal is out. The issue was solicited and edited by the American Bar Association’s Section on Individual Rights and Responsibilities. The ABA is pretty darn anti-gun, but the two pieces on the Second Amendment (one by Yale’s Akhil Amar, one by yours truly and Brannon Denning) support an individual-right approach. That’s where the scholarship has gone, despite continuing massive denial by groups like the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Campaign.

The articles will be up on the web sometime next week, I’m promised. I’ll provide links then.

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