July 29, 2002

TED TURNER LAND GRAB UPDATE: The Black News has picked up the story of Ted Turner’s attempt to wrest a parcel of land on South Carolina’s St. Helena Island from a group of slave descendants who want to keep it from being developed. (Link via WyethWire).

Call me crazy, but I think that if some right-winger with a decaying business empire (Ken Lay, maybe?) were doing this, it would be getting lots of press. Rich white guy, trying to take land from the descenedants of slaves? Michael Moore, Doonesbury, and Al Sharpton would be all over this story.

But it’s getting virtually no attention outside the local papers, unless you count InstaPundits’s coverage. Is this professional courtesy among media barons?

UDPATE: Reader George Moore says this is the explanation. Well, that may be part of it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: This piece by Jonathan Rauch is great, though it doesn’t address Turner. Nor should it, really, except as an example of the entitlement mentality that the kinds of things Rauch does talk about tend to breed in bigwigs.

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