July 29, 2002

JOHN R. BRADLEY UPDATE: Bradley is the guy who wrote the Arab News piece that Salon’s Eric Boehlert touted as “nailing” James Taranto and Best of the Web. Joshua Trevino has been checking up on Bradley’s bona fides with the Lonely Planet people, for whom Bradley claimed to have written the Lonely Planet Guide to Saudi Arabia. Not exactly.

UPDATE: Don’t miss this lengthy discussion in which Bradley is participating over at the LGF website.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oops. Bradley has cut and run, leaving behind a racial epithet for us to remember him by.

And we will. I wonder: can this be for real? Or is Bradley really a mole (CIA? Mossad?) tasked with discrediting the Arab News? If so: Great work, dude! You rock. I wonder if Boehlert’s in on the act? It sure went off smoothly. . . .

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