April 15, 2019

IT’S GOOD TO BE THE NOMENKLATURA: Bernie Sanders is cool with capitalism for himself, but no one else.

Of course, he is exactly like other wealthy Americans: You provide a service or produce something people want to buy, and you go from ­disheveled lawmaker from Vermont to millionaire disheveled lawmaker from Vermont.

Only in America!

Other millionaires and billionaires can explain their riches like Bernie does. “I started a Web site that sold books, and now we sell everything.” “I invented a way to search the Internet with ease and accuracy.” “I invested in companies and helped them grow.” “I run a pharmaceutical company that cures diseases and produces medication so sick people can live better lives.”

Bernie’s book-writing, in other words, isn’t any nobler than the paths taken by other millionaires.

Au contraire. Sanders got rich telling people how bad rich people are, giving him a richness of spirit those other, nasty rich people will never have. Or something.

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