April 4, 2019

JUST THINK OF IT AS THE NEWSPEAK DICTIONARY.COM: Dictionary.com Drops Feminist Anti-Male Poem, Suggests We “Fear” Women.

The social justice verbiage laced throughout this poem automatically puts men into the “toxic masculinity” column, never talking about the positives of men, but only listing what feminists see as the negatives. It also tends to over-revere women, even suggesting we fear them as some kind of authority figure.

Dictionary.com seems to delve into these kinds of socio-political issues from time to time. In one video, a woman gives a history of the Republican party, and suggests not so subtly that people would be surprised to know that Republicans used to not be as racist as they are today.

Dictionary.com also released a video that explains how the word “slut” is actually an empowering term for women.

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