March 31, 2019

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: What’s the matter with Joe Biden?

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As  Paul Mirengoff writes at Power Line, “A normal person would flatly deny the allegation if he didn’t believe it. If he did believe it, he would either deny the allegation anyway or apologize…Unfortunately, the modern Democratic party is post-normal. Biden, for his part, is hiding behind postmodernism under which truth is just a construct and people are entitled to their own reality. Biden’s reality is that he didn’t inappropriately touch Flores, her reality is different, and far be it for Biden to impose his reality (as opposed to his hands and face) on her.”

On Friday, Jim Geraghty wrote, “You think the 2016 Democratic primary fight between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders got rough? The 2020 primary is going to look like Mad Max’s ‘Fury Road.’ The great irony is that this long process may eventually undermine the power of identity politics, as the surviving Democratic nominee will probably have been accused of racism, sexism, etcetera in the process of winning the primary.”

I don’t think he expected the first shots to be fired immediately afterwards, however.

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